Monday, September 03, 2007

Hungry Blogger

Blogging can really make me hungry especially if I blog late night till the next morning. If I am discipline enough, I will just drink a cup of cold water to minimize the hunger. You see, I prefer not to eat late night as it is not good for the body especially if you want to stay slim. Supper can really make you fat.

But once in a while I did break my rules when hunger really strikes. Sometimes I would keep bulk candy like Hershey's Kissable, just in case I get real hungry. I love Hershey's, especially their chocolates. Buying in bulk is always cost saving.


keeyit said...

Chocolates will make you fat too.. =) BUT once a while is ok la.. forgive you.. hehe

Normally, I only surf net till 11.30pm.. then will go to sleep... next day have to work...

Sweetpea said...

blog till morning?! tabik tabik..