Monday, September 03, 2007

Say NO to Bloggerwave

I wrote to them a few times asking for my pending payment of $50. No reply from them. Then I received in my email new opportunity available at Bloggerwave dot com. I don't even bother to check it out, instead I replied to that email asking for my payment.

Then yesterday, I read from Msau that when she login into her account, all her unpaid post was gone. So I quickly went to check mine. ALL GONE even the paid ones. My account is empty. I was very angry until I dunno which bad words to use to scold them.

Bloggerwave is SCAM! Don't ever write for them!

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Carrie Smith said...

I have only had 2 opportunities through bloggerwave and that was when I first got started and nothing ever since...I am starting to get quite frustrated with them but now maybe it's best to leave it alone. I did receive my 2 payments from them...just no more opps.