Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mr Santa Klaus Fell

My lady boss ah, never gives face to people one. A chemical supplier flew all the way from Germany for a meeting in KL but before that he hire a taxi to Malacca just to meet us, she told me that no point for her to see him and asked me to entertain him instead.

So I had a short meeting with Mr (Santa) Klaus from Hamburg. Hehe. Poor guy, he fell when walking down the stairs when following me to the conference room. I am sure he is very embarrassed but thank God he is fine. Big man, big fall! I felt bad walking to fast. I think he tried catching up with me. So, anyone who wants to visit my factory be sure you already purchase a high risk life insurance. :P

Due to my guilt feeling and I am a very nice person too (ahem), I am going to help him out, sourcing for major consumer for PAO in Malaysia. It is a raw material for your synthetic grade engine oil.

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