Thursday, September 27, 2007

Let's Kick Ball

My brother in law is a die hard fan of soccer. The moment his son starts standing up, he started teaching him how to kick the soccer ball. My hubby loves soccer too. Play it every Sunday evening but never once I see him teaching our son to kick the ball! Last month, sister stayed at my mom’s for confinement after delivery her second child and my son learns how to kick the ball from her son. Yes! A two years old can teach a one year old to kick balls. :) I am so excited to know that my only son can kick the ball and I have been encouraging him to kick whenever I have free time.

As for the goal, I just use my laundry basket. However it is not that stable. It moves when the ball hits it. Since my home has a big compound, I am thinking to get a portable Soccer Goals for him. So that when my sister is back her for holiday, they can play soccer for “real”. We can also bring it along when we for a picnic in the garden or the beach. It sure can get them occupied while the whole day.

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