Thursday, September 27, 2007

Importance of Car in Europe Vs Asia

During our discussion he told me an interesting finding about the trend of owning big and expensive car in Europe and Asia. He gave example of Thailand and Singapore; I think this includes Malaysia too. People in that country put car as their first priority before house, vacation, family and education. They rather drive a big car rather than buy an apartment first. Car is the symbol of status.

Unlike in Europe, car is just a transportation to bring them from one place to the other. I have this mentality too. That is why I am still driving my old junk. :P For the European, house, family, vacation and education come first before owning a big and expensive car. That is why you see more books in a European home compared to an Asian home.

Hmm…very interesting findings. I think I changed my mind changing to a better car. I wanna spend my money going for a vacation first lar. :)

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