Thursday, August 02, 2007

New office warming party

One of my company's customers is going to have their new office warming party and invited me to come along with my boss. The one that brought me goodies when she went to Penang recently. So I told me to include my name in the invitation letter if she wants to see my face in her new office. I have been liaising with them for over 8 years. The customer visited me and I never step in their office before.

I told lady boss about the party but she is not keen in going. She is always like that one. Leave the PR thing to the big boss. So I told the big boss that I am wanted in that party! hehehe. He told me that he will discuss with his wife first (lady boss) and asking me whether I can go there by myself. I never even drive to KL before! Unless he let me drive his Lotus Elise, I will find ways to go there. hehehe.

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