Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Selling & Renting DVD

Our internet café business is not picking up yet. We are thinking of diversify it. Add more services. It seems that one of my blogger friends is doing quite well in renting DVDs. You know who your are. :) We are thinking of trying it out too. Rent and sell DVDs. Firstly we need to find wholesale dvd suppliers that has the latest dvd in the market and every new release at the cheapest price possible. As I did my Google search I stumble upon this site, JillianEntertainment.com.

Being a freshies in this business, the website really gave me a lot of information about scam when it comes to buying cd and dvd. One of it that caught me attention is, if they are selling very cheap dvd if might only mean one thing, illegal. I wouldn’t want to be caught selling illegal products in my internet café.

The author of the JillianEntertainment.com was lucky to find a dvd supplier that distributes to over 70% of the video rental chains in the United States. They had over 30,000 titles in stock and more new release movies than you can count. He is now selling the name of that supplier plus 120+ more. No need to go buy other directories that might be a scam. Plus with every purchase they include 30 days of free email support and answer over 200 email support requests each week. If you are interested too, check out the website for more detail.

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Mama BoK said...

Who is the one doing well in renting dvds..?? let me know ya.. ;)
I just want you to know that there is alot of risk in renting dvds.. but if you are only selling them.. that's good.. ;)