Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ReviewMe Rejected

I was asking Msau whether do I go to check the post I have done for ReviewMe coz I am still not familiar with ReviewMe dashboard. I was told to check at Manage My Review. To my surprise, I noticed a few post are rejected without my knowledge!

Usually when your post is approved, they will send email saying that it is approved. If rejected and they want us to correct it, they will send email too but how come those completely rejected, no email is sent to us??? Purposely want free link ah??? Gua marah ni!

This made me love PPP more. Even if they reject your post, they will tell you why and give us time to correct it. If rejected again, they will even tell you how to correct it. Plus their customer service is very efficient and friendly too. Not much opp from PPP also never mind at least every opp that I wrote will be accepted one way or another, unless you really don’t follow the instruction given.

Furthermore, ReviewMe pay $5 only for 200 words and limited to 10 offers a month. I don’t really mind about the 200 words but at least TELL lar that it is rejected. From today onwards I must go check the Manage My Review after every submission and immediately delete any rejected post. No free link from my blogs. Crack my head to write for the advertiser, kena reject for no reason.


IMMomsDaughter said...

Do you receive email if approved? So far, I did two and I received emails for both. I'm not sure too as just started doing RM via your tips ;)

miche said...

no email to state that it is approved and no email that it is rejected. they just reject without emailing you about it...so got to check from the Manage My Review from time to time.

msaufong said...

ah leng lui..my link doesn't work..you put wrong url liao..:p

please edit lah..either http://msaufong.com or http://sqkiki.msaufong.com or http://msaufong.com/myhomerecipe also can..hahaha (advertise abit ahh...:P)

Mama BoK said...

I have yet to get an assignment from Review Me.