Thursday, July 05, 2007

FireFly Come to Malacca Please

My hubby always brag about how beautiful Koh Samui is and that one day he will bring me there for a holiday. Well, he went there with his "almost wife" before we got married. And the "almost wife" is not me! I so jealous.

If you notice the Nuffnang ad at my sidebar, there is a new community airline called Firefly. Firefly flies to Koh Samui from Penang for only RM39.99. It is only from Penang and not other state. So I recommended hubby that we still can fly there. We can fly by AirAsia to Penang at RM9.99 or RM0.99 when got promotion and then from Penang to Koh Samui.

But it will be much better if Firefly fly from Malacca too. Oh! Please come to Malacca.

Btw, this is NOT a sponsored post.

I did not write this post in my Sketches of Life because this blog is not read by family members. I think. :D

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Anonymous said...

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