Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Let Me Take and Do Else Where

I hope that PayPerPost can be the same like other blog advertising companies that allows you to take an opp, logout from the site and login in again to do the opp at other computer.

Like in the morning, I saw an opp that I would like to blog about. I took it. Within seconds, my son woke up and cried and I have to attend to him, by then it is time to get ready for office. No choice, have to let it go. When I reached the office, the opp gone. :(

Like at work, login and saw a big paying opp. I can just look and it and bid farewell. Can't take it, anytime the boss will pop in the office. :(


mama bok said...

Hey.. Miche,
You can..!! i do it all the time..!! i took the post from the store.. and then come home.. and it's still mine.. even though it is grey.. you click on it.. and take the opp.. it's still yours..!! trust me.. i do it all the time..!!

miche said...

thank you so much mamabok...love u...muakzzz. :D

mama bok said...

ok.. good.. you got the message.. ;) donch want you to lose any more opps..! i know how time is an essential for you.. having to work.. and then having to look after kids.. and hubby.. and your own business...! i hope with the tip.. you won't lose any more big opp.. and money.. ;)

msaufong said...

really can make it like tat? Do you sign out from PPP when you leave from home??

mama bok said...

Yes i do.. msau.. ;)
i log everything out.. and close the puter.. and go home.. and pick it up from the home puter.. ;)