Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hold it first

The boss decided to give the customer another chance. He is not terminating them yet. But he surely will. Soon. That is what he told me.

It is not easy to deal with Singaporean. The previous MD was a Malaysian (no problem with him) but he got transfered to Singapore and this Singaporean MD took over his place. Not an easy person to deal with. Typical Singaporean. Kiasu. Whatever he wants, we have to give in. No negotiation. No win-win situation. If he presses us some more, boss will surely terminate the business with the company.

I am not saying all Singaporean are Kiasu. Most of them that I deal with are very friendly and flexible but this one, really get into everyone's nerve.

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Mama BoK said...

I singaporean too leh.. ;) but i think i quite kiasu too.. but not unreasonable lor.. ;) although PB might beg to differ.. ;)