Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Beads for Sale

When I was still in school, I make jewelry to sell for my pocket money. I used to make beads necklace and bracelet and also friendship band. Now I have forgotten how to make one! I feel so tempted to start again since my girls love jewelry and beads. It will be a good mother-daughter activity.

After visiting Lallette's online bead shop, I am 90% confirm that I will start again beading again. She quite a lot of collection of Beads, Charms, Findings for jewelry making projects. Some of the unique beads that is featured in her online shop are glass beads, ceramic beads, cloisonne beads, acrylic beads, lampwork beads, metal beads, wooden beads, Bianca Snow beads, felt beads and many more.

To those who have forgotten or don't how, she also sell jewelry making kits. Take a look at this Trinket & Charm Bracelet that she named Life on Venus. Aren't they pretty? Too bad that this project is for people who have basic jewelry making skills and are able to form wire loops and open and close jump rings. Maybe I'll find something simple to start with.

Maybe I'll get my boss daughter to get some
beads from Lattette since they are studying in Melbourne now. :)

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