Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cash Back Calculator

There are so many credit cards type to choose from nowadays. I was wondering how do I make full use of the cash back credit card and get maximum reward. Should I just use one card for all my expenses or should I use multiple credit cards. has given me the answer. In the website, there is cash back credit card calculator which would be able to determine the best cash back credit card for you and this calculator also will search all available cash back credit cards in the market based on your personal spending profile.

I don't have screen shot software install in this computer but let me try to explain in words.

First you key-in your expenses based of the categories given. They are Supermarket, Gas, Drugstore, Cable, Utility, Travel, Dining, and Others. Then you need to choose whether to use multiple cards or just one card. If you want more rebates, then multiple credits is the best choice. If you do not want the hassle of carrying so many credit card and still get some cash back reward from using it, the just choose one card.

If your choice is multiple credit cards, you will be recommended a few credit cards that best suites your spending amount and the total rebate that you will get from all the credit cards. After I keyed-in my spending profile, I noticed that I can earn more cash back reward using multiple cards than just one card. The difference is $7.00. That’s quite substantial. If you use cash to pay, you earn nothing at all.

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