Saturday, June 23, 2007

Packaging Material Supplier

I work in a manufacturing company and sourcing for packaging materials is part of my job. I purchase carton boxes, bubble wrap, bottles, drum, pail and labels.

I prefer to deal with the managers rather than their clerks. You need things to be done speedily, speak to the managers. If not, you wait. Like recently, I need the carton box supplier to update the artwork of ABC Company. I waited from one day to another and on the 3rd day I called, the manager told me that she was on leave and the manager could not find her file plus she does not answer her cell phone when called.

I was very angry. My customer is chasing me for their product and I don't even have the carton artwork. So I called the Managing Director. He assured me that even though the artwork is delayed, he will assist to expedite the production once the artwork is ready for approval. So, from today onwards, I will speak to the MD first before giving the job to his clerk!

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