Friday, June 01, 2007

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The Operation Manager was told to get a new modem. I was in the boss office when the OM went to his car with the modem. Boss saw it too. A little while after that, boss went home and he called me asking whether the OM went to buy a new modem. I told him, “You saw that he left the office with the modem right?” His reply, “Yes, but how would I know whether he went to buy modem or he went back to sleep? He did not inform me or my wife.”

Boss continued and repeated, “What if he goes back to sleep? This is business ok! Inform! Inform!” I just kept quite and listen. Haiyo, you told him to buy he go lar! Must inform again meh?

Another thing, OM is boss’ BIL. Boss' wife, the lady boss is his elder sister. Yes, they are related but he treats him worst than us! OM told me that boss warned him not to inform anyone that they are related. I think he malu to let his friend know that he has a poor BIL! This kind BIL also got.

OM told me that his father (boss FIL) made this remark, “He know how to plus and times but dunno how to divide.” He hoards the wealth for his wife and children only.

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Jesslyn said...

My 2nd employment also family based biz, very sianz to work with them actually!