Friday, June 01, 2007

Modem Broke Down

On Monday when I opened the FireFox, I got Server Down message. Check the modem, the ADSL light is not blinking. Check all the connection, everything is intact. Call the 100-customer service to make a report. The customer service told me that the technician would call within 2 days if not call 100 again. Told boss about it. He is not satisfied with it. Instructed me to call FMM to get the Regional Manager telephone number. We got for him, both, RM and GM phone no.

He managed to get the RM’s secretary and complaint to her. I do not know what he told her but I heard him raising his voice! Not to our surprise, the technician was sent within 2 hours! Why he always gets his ways? That made him even more proud. Telling us proudly, “Next time, if you cannot settle any problem, tell me, I’ll do it for you.” Boss can lar talk to the top people like that, we are just an employee, they don’t even wanna listen to us.

After checking, the technician confirms that it is our modem that has broke down. Have to get new ones. The technician even upgrades our speed from 512 to 1Mbps.

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