Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Trip Claims

My colleague told me that boss asked us to claim our expenses during our recent trip to Twin Tower. The colleague asked me what to claim. I told him, should be our meal expenses only coz we used lady boss’ car to travel there. Petrol provided and Touch n Go card also provided.

The next day, colleague told me that boss told him to claim outstation travel allowance according the allowance given to his personal driver last time (his driver quit). Wahlau! He is putting us the same level as his driver! And he called us Managers! That will be RM30 for meal and RM30 for outstation allowance.

Furthermore, our lunch was very expensive, almost a hundred ringgit. So I told my colleague that since boss is VERY calculative, better not claim. If not he sure makes a lot of noise about the meal cost.

So, we decided not to claim a single cent. Keep the money to yourself. We rather spend our own pocket money then hear his negative comments.

The colleague is so kind hearted that he does not want my part of the share. His treat.

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