Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Only Your Opinion Needed

When I first heard Smorty, I thought it is a children’s website. At one glance at the name I thought it was Smurfy. You know, Smurf, that cute blue color cartoon with white clothes and hat. And no, it is not a children’s website. If you are currently blogging for money, you should flock to Smorty for it is another blog advertising company that really pays. I got paid from them recently.

They are different from other blog advertising company, as you just need to write your opinion about products, services and websites. No advertising is needed. But if you want to, they won’t stop you. Better for the advertiser right? You will be paid weekly thru Paypal, not monthly. So, you don’t really have to wait until 30 days to see the first fruit of your labour.

Once you accept an offer you are given ample time to write, 72 hours. So you will have time to really go thru the advertiser’s website and study their product before giving your opinion about it. So writing a minimum of 150 words is going to be a breeze.

Sounds fun right? Come hop in and join me. :D

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