Tuesday, May 01, 2007

All The Way till PhD

I have always wanted to study ALL THE WAY. Degree, Master Degree then PhD. However I stopped at Degree because of family commitment. Got to earn for the family. Then the marriage come and now the children. I can't leave my children back if I want to go back to university. Who is going to breastfeed my boy??? :D

Now with online learning, my dream can be realized. Capella University is offering Distance Learning PhD programs online
. In Capella University's doctoral degree programs, I can
acquire advanced theoretical and practical knowledge and leadership skills that will position me as an expert in my field.After graduating, I might to be a lecturer or a consultant.

Oh ya, I must get a Master's Degree first which I can pursue thru Capella University too. Now have to find more money to support my studies. :D

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