Tuesday, May 15, 2007

To Survive

I am going to toughen my softy heart.

I must not cry anymore, be it in front of lady boss, hubby, in the car, or in the bedroom.

I need to have a heart of stone and a “deaf” ear.

I must persevere until I find a suitable job with much better pay in an established company. No more working in Chinaman Company.

I need to feed, cloth and educate my children. Can’t depend on hubby, as his business still has not gain much profit.

I cannot depend on writing paid post anymore. Competition is great now.

I need to put my trust in God that He will help me thru all this mess.

I need to think less and sleep more!

1 comment:

mama bok said...

ohh. .Miche..!! i feel for you ..!! i hope all turns out well..!