Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tips to Survive My Boss.

  1. Have a heart as hard as a stone.
  2. Pretend to listen.
  3. Give him just the answer that he requested, nothing more, nothing less.
  4. Don’t question him.
  5. Don’t be smarter than him.
  6. Just do your work as instructed. Don’t give more.

My colleague has gone thru what I am going thru now. He did the above and he survived. No heartache anymore. No point quitting the job now. It will proof him right and I’m wrong.

If I really want to quit. Quit at the time when everything is at its peak. Perfect. Not fault. At the time when I am needed the most.

The above were advice given by my Operation Manager. I’m gonna try it. I’m not so sure whether I can do it but I’ll try. Wish me luck. :D

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mama bok said...

Good luck .. Miche..!!