Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sick due to stress

I never experienced pressure at work before. I had it easy all these years. I think what I am experiencing now is only 10% of what others are going thru. Even that my health is affected! More pimples are coming out due to stress. I have sore throat and mouth ulcers; I think it is also due to stress. I felt not well last night. Felt very cold but I did not have any temperature (fever). Wrapped myself with my daughter’s comforter (hers is thicker than mine) and slept till 7am. No waking up at 5.30am to blog.

Part of me wish that I really fall sick until I really cannot get up from bed and I can skip the ISO Audit! But it would not be a responsible thing to do. Even though I fall sick, must attend the audit. And I know boss couldn’t be bothered whether I fall sick or not, he expects me to be in the office during the audit.

I remembered few years ago when I just had a miscarriage, and I was resting at home. Boss called me to the office coz Mobil top people came to our factory to discuss about their business proposal with the company. To him, as long as I am alive, I must can come to work when I am needed!


Jesslyn said...

With such boss attitude, I wonder how u go thru the 8 years?? If me, i think i cabut after 2-3 yr lor.

mama bok said...

That's too bad.. Miche..!! time you look for greener pasture..?? no..??