Thursday, May 17, 2007

Affiliate Program

My hubby got to know about Chicwear from an advertisement in one of the mommy's blogger blog. He clicked on the ad and bought lingerie (for me, of course) from there. I check with the blogger about how much they pay her to put up the ad in her blog. She told me that she joined their affiliate program. She got 10% if someone clicks and purchase. That sounds fair but she will only get her payment when she gets RM500.00. That's way too much. She only gets RM9.90 from my hubby's purchased. Let's say that's the minimum amount of the products sold there, she needs 50 more sales. You think people buy lingerie that often meh? Since she put the ad up, my hubby is the first and only customer. They should reduce it to RM50.00, more realistic, and then I would join their affiliate program.

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