Thursday, May 31, 2007

Poor People Need Loan

All of us at some point in our life borrow money. Mine started when I understand the importance of money that was when the ice-cream man came. At that very young age, parents don't give us pocket money and definitely NO ice-cream before dinner. So I quietly hopped over to my neighbor’s house and borrow 10 cents from her. I got my ice-cream. :D

As we grow older, all kind of loans comes into our life. Got a loan to pursue my studies in the local university, a loan to purchase a computer and a loan to buy a motorcycle for me to move around the huge campus.

After I started working, a car is a must. So, got a loan to buy a new car. After that, time to build a family. I got married but was short of cash for the wedding dinner. Got a personal loan from brother in law. Then the parents advised to purchase property for investment. So we took up a home loan to buy an apartment.

Recently, hubby decided to start his own business. We got a loan for that too.

I am thinking of getting a new car but am not ready for yet another loan.

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