Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Loudlaunch Campaign

I submitted both my blog to Loudlaunch. They pay according to your PR. PR3 will receive $7.50 for each post. PR4 will receive $10.00. So for every post, I will have the option which blog to write the campaign (that’s what they call opp/offer in LL) in.

Do I go for the money or for the relevancy to my blog? If the campaign is relevant to both my blog, I will surely go for the money. If it is about work, I’ll sacrifice $2.50 and write in this blog. That is more ethical right? :P

Sometimes when I do not have a choice whereby they require a PR4 blog, I will contaminate my children’s blog. But I will try to write it so that it will be relevant to my blog categories. :D

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