Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cash from Paypal

We (hubby n me) are richer by a few hundred ringgit this week. Praise God for that. He wants to buy a bicycle with that extra cash and I am saving it to pay our home loan & to give to people in need! Who says women always spend money ah???

If some of you still have no idea how Malaysian can withdraw from Paypal, read HongKiat's or Msau's blog. If you do not want to go thru the hassle of applying for debit card, then go thru someone who has one, of course a certain amount of fees will be charged.

Another option is open Savings Account in Singapore. Singapore not that far right. Then register your paypal account under Singapore not Malaysia. 3 days ago I tried withdrawing USD20.00 to hubby's account (DBS), so far no news yet. If the transaction goes on well without any hiccup, I shall update you k? :D


SEO Engineering 101 said...

Could just go and apply for the account online etc.
The forms are on my site...and FREE. Since I don't get anything out of can fish it all thru my sites..

mIcHe said...

thinking about that too but some say, online account is kinda risky...newey, my transaction to DBS account is successful. no hiccups at all. :D