Friday, May 18, 2007


We went to spy an internet cafe last night. Not really spy lar...check out.

We heard some comment about the internet cafe from friend, saying that it has good ambiance and very relaxing and comfortable to surf the net there. So we went, to see how we can learn from them and improve ours.

To our disappointment...

1. The price is way too expensive unless you become a member which is the price is the same as what we are charging our customer now.

2. It's too dark in there. No girls around except yours truly. Dark, dark, girls dare not come in unless they are accompanied by their boyfriend.

3. The keyboard stand is broken. Makes it uncomfortable for me to type.

4. The monitor is screen makes me giddy. It's blurish and not sharp. I tried adjusting the brightness and contrast but it is still the same.

5. Now Mo Siang online game. Hubby's favorite.

Before half an hour, we can't stand it any more and left. Hubby also felt giddy and nauseous. The only plus point is, they have 19 inch monitor and ours is only 17 inch. :P

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mama bok said...

Good to know what other ppl are doing.. to stay abreast..!! you did the right thing .. Miche.!