Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wesak Day off day Next Year

He called the FMM, asked the person charged about the additional public holiday. It seems that if the company observed Wesak Day as a public holiday, this won't affect them. Meaning they will still have the minimum 10 days public holidays for private companies. As for my company, we did not observe Wesak Day so for this year we will have 11 days of public holidays, to which the boss thinks as it is not fair to the employer. He "rugi" one day.

So for next year, he told me to choose one not important public holiday to exchange with Wesak Day in case the same happen next year. He do not want to "rugi" that one day again. The only not compulsory public holiday that we have is the New Year Day and Hari Raya Haji. Get my colleague to speak to the Production Manager about it. He flipped and told her to tell the boss, if he wants to be so calculative, keep the 10 days to himself, he does not need any of them and he will work during that public holidays. Hang up and leave office!

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