Saturday, April 28, 2007

Golf Set

I noticed that almost all rich man play golf. My dad is the exceptional one. We are not rich but he plays golf too. He used to work in a golf club (he is a retiree now). hehehe. I "play" golf too from our backyard driving range. Hitting all those unwanted golf balls that my dad found on the golf course. Ok...on the serious side. If you are looking for a golf equipment, golf accessories or golf apparel, check out Ping Golf.

Ping has been creating exceptional signature merchandise for more than 40 years. The World of Golf offers an extensive selection of Ping golf accessories, including golf bags, bag stands, junior sets, apparel, gloves, towels, knit caps and ear bands. If you buy at The World of Golf, you will receive free ground shipping for orders over $50. Call them toll-free at 1-800-499-7491 for more details.

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