Friday, April 27, 2007

Additional Public Holiday

My company does not observe Wesak Day. So, we are supposed to work on Tuesday. Since the government has made it compulsory, either the company let us go off on that day, pay us triple pay if they want us to work or replace it with another day. Informed boss about it. He did not believe what I conveyed to them! Asked me to call the Labour office. I get my colleague to call. They confirmed that it is compulsory public holiday whether the company observes Wesak Day or not. Call the boss again. Still don’t believe it. He said he would personally call FMM & the Labour office to get the confirmation. Go ahead please!

You see how stingy they are. That is why we are still working full day on Saturdays. They rather waste the electricity then let us (the office staff) go on half day on Saturday. I can’t wait for my hubby business to prosper then I will 100% leave this company. I have been patient and give in for 8 years already. I give myself 2 more years. If their policies are still the same, I will surely leave. Enough squeezing me.

Since now, there are other ways of getting extra income by just being at home. I will opt for that and be near my children all the time.


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mIcHe said...

10 blogs!!! Pengsan! Now got 3 sudah mencungap! hehehe...

I do not now how long this paid blogging will last. Dare not take the risk yet. :D

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mIcHe said...

1o blogs...dunno what to write! :D