Friday, April 20, 2007

Motorcycle Mechanic

One of my brother in law is a mechanic. He was train in a mechanic school locally. It is very handy to have a mechanic in the family. Besides getting good advice from him, we save a lot from paying for repairs. Not that we did not offer him money, he just didn't want to accept it. :)

If you are interested to enroll yourself (never too old to learn) or your children to a mechanic school, look them up at It is a comprehensive educational resource for people interested in auto mechanic schools, diesel mechanic schools, aircraft mechanic schools, Motorcycle Mechanic Schools, marine mechanic schools, welding schools, and HVAC (Heating and Air-Conditioning systems) schools.

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When selecting a mechanic, it's always good to ask for your broken parts to be returned. That tends to weed out the lowlife mechanics and makes them accountable for the work they perform. I've personally caught 2 mechanics replacing items that still work.

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