Friday, April 20, 2007

Own Business

You can never go far if you work for people especially in a “Chinaman” (Malaysian Chinese own) company. No benefits, medical included. You sick? What’s the use of the government clinic? The company I am working in, every year got increment, every year got bonus but the starting pay there is very low. Even after working there for 8 years, my salary is like the current fresh graduate salary that have worked for a only year.

Why I stayed? Well, I am easily contented with what I have. As long as the income is enough for all my family needs, I am satisfied. But recently, there’s an additional to the family member and hubby started his own business in which the business is not making much profit yet. I felt pressured to look for extra income to cover for him.

My colleague who has been working in the same company for 10 years and his salary is hardly 3k. A manager post some more. He is 39 already and planning to start his own business too by 40. Can’t survive with just “makan gaji” especially with 3 children.

I am thinking of leaving too. I love teaching. So, either I teach in kindergarten, however the income is not so much, or I give tuition from home, or I offer babysitting service. I love children too. But that got to wait until hubby earn more profit in his business and then we won’t depend so much on my income to support the family then I will do one of the above.


IMMomsDaughter said...

So I guess PPP do help somewhat. Hope your hubby's business will pick up :)

Jesslyn said...

Write more paid post.

3K for manager level is quite low but Melaka rate will not so high lar.