Wednesday, April 18, 2007

27+1 Tips for Building and Maintaining a Blog Audience

Whether you blog for money or not, having a lot of audience gives us the motivation to continue blogging. At least you know that people are interested to know about what we got to share unless you blog for yourself only. Don't take your audience for granted. They are like customers to your thoughts and emotions. How to keep your "customers" to keep returning to your blog?

Have you heard about With Sponsoredreviews, you not only make money from writing reviews but they also provide valuable advise for building and maintaining your blog audience. To date, they have 27+1 tips which is spread into 3 categories: The Fundamentals, Building your audience and Keeping your audience. If you have other good tips that they have not covered, you can always leave your tip/s in their blog comment.

I am going to share a few that caught my attention.

The Fundamentals. Please be original. Don't cut and paste articles from site. We want to read your thought not others. Present your blog in a way that will make your audience come back for more. Design is also very important. I don't like reading blogs that are dark, gloomy and with too many graphics.

Building Your Audience. Don't be so long winded. Make your post, short, simple, sweet and yet interesting. Be consistent in blogging. Blogs that are updated frequently are usually more highly trafficked. And don't forget to reply your comments. Honestly, I have neglected this area. I expect others to reply to my comments but I am not doing the same!

Keeping Your Audience. Reach out to your readers and let them know that they are appreciated. Besides replying to their comments or leaving comments in their blog,if they have a blog, I do chat with them on Gmail chat or MSN for more personal touch.

For more tips, please read here.

I would like to add another tip. Insert some pictures related to your post. If you don't mind sharing your picture with others. For example parenting blog, don't you love looking at their beautiful, cute and sometimes funny pictures of their children? Some readers like to imagine when they read. Pictures helps them imagine better and makes the post more interesting. Just my 2 cents worth. :D

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