Saturday, April 21, 2007

DUI Defense

Never drink and drive. We always hear this advice but some of us are still very stubborn. After all the huuhaa in the pub, you came out sober even though you just drank just a tiny bit of alcohol and refused to be sent home by other friends who are not drunk. A police stopped your car and charge you with for DUI (Driving Under the Influence).

Do you know that in San Diego county, the system has become so intolerant that it employs tricks and hurdles to ensure that those accused are punished, without regard to Due Process, without regard to the presumption of innocence and without regard to the truth and accuracy of the accusations?

So, it is best for you to engage a good DUI defence lawyer. Liberty Lawyers has the best San Diego DUI lawyers. In San Diego County’s they are largest criminal and DUI defense ONLY law firm. The special thing about Liberty Lawyers is, you will not only be defend by one lawyers but the whole team of attorneys, investigators and support staff. On top of that, every case is reviewed by at least two senior lawyers to develop and execute a successful defense strategy.

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