Friday, April 27, 2007

Car Tyre Punctured

As I was entering the factory gate, my colleague was pointing at my car tyre. "Ei, your tyre is really flat!" come I don't feel it that it is flat when I was driving??? After she told me then only I realised that it feels funny when I tried to turn the wheel to park my car.

Oh well, requested for a guy from the maintenance dept to help me change the tyre. At 10am, tea break time, I drove to the nearest tyre services centre and get it fix. There's a nail in it!

Cost me RM5.00.

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mama bok said...

Cost us 5bucks too.. the last time we had a flat.. but it was canadian 5bucks. But we were thankful. .it didn't cost anymore.. for if we would have brought it back to Ford .. it would have prolly cost us like 50bucks..!