Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kitchen Contractors

I am current staying in a kampong house. The typical kampong house is made of wood and we only use wire mesh for the kitchen wall. It is kind of the “open” kitchen. The pro about this kind of kitchen is, it has good ventilation. The con, when there is strong wind, dust and leaves will enter the kitchen. Having kids around I don’t really favor “open” kitchen, it makes the floor dirty. My son crawls and my daughter sucks her thumb. Not hygienic for them. So we are thinking of renovating the kitchen. Close it up with brick walls.

We are looking around for a good and experience
Kitchen Remodeling Contractors. Someone we can trust and dependable. You know, some contractor will turn up one day and disappear for weeks before they appear again out of nowhere. I read that OnCallContractors has set up an elite group of contractors to assist in homeowner’s home improvement needs. In a matter of minutes they can connect you with a high quality contractor for your home service project. Their contractors have been prescreened to ensure that they are skilled to handle any construction project. They must be licensed and insured.

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