Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pass Away

My grand aunt just passed away yesterday morning. Nothing tragic. She died of old age. My grandpa has 5 siblings. 3 died, my grandpa included. Now left 2. The youngest, my grand uncle who is suffering from Alzeimer disease and the eldest grand aunt who also on and off falls sick.

What I want to share here is about my youngest grand uncle. Due to Alzeimer, he dunno a thing. He doesn't speak or walk. Just like a new born baby. The night before his sister pass away, according to his wife, he cried like a baby. Never before he cried like that in his life.

People say, baby knows and see a lot of things in the unnatural world. Maybe, the same with my grand uncle. Maybe a death angel told him that he is going to take his sister's life. Well, no one know for sure the reason he cried.

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