Saturday, March 24, 2007

Blog of The Day

I can't seem to upload the screenshot to this blog. To see my lovely face and my chubby girls face, please visit my other blog at In His Time or Sketches of Life.

Today is my day. First post from this blog to PayPerPost and this blog is featured in PPP. This blog got rejected twice and I almost give up re-submitting it again. I would like to thank my hubby who encouraged me to write to PPP asking them to help fix my blog. And my readers that advised me not to abandon this blog again since it got PR2. Thanks you guys. :D

This blog just got approved by them yesterday. My lucky star is shining down on me. Nah...I think I am the last posties that submit my post for today. :P


SEO Engineering 101 said...

U still need that screenshot?


Tina Silva said...

Congrats on your first PPP post!

Vedis Teh said...

Congratulations ! You have been doing very well.
I came across "This is a sponsored post" many,many times while scrolling down reading your articles.
How I wish I can be like you...writing sooo many Sponsored Posts.
I have faith I can do that..just give me a little bit time.