Monday, March 26, 2007

New Car

Hubby heard that Iswara Aeroback is selling at RM26,999 all in. He is tempted to buy. Wife pays for it lar! :P We actually need a better car coz with the current car, we won’t be able to travel far. The furthers the car can bring us is KL. However, lady boss, colleague and my dad discouraged us from buying local car. It is not durable. Trouble will come after 5 years. So, we put that aside for a lil while. Make do with our old faithful junk.

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shooi said...

i prefer a Perodua over a proton. Had 2 peroduas before and no regrets in the purchase. Reliable and maintenance is cheap too. Of course, i would go for a Honda/ Toyota if i can afford it but i can't.