Saturday, March 24, 2007

More hurting statement

I was at my mom’s 2 nights ago. My grandaunt drops by. She asked how come I am still around. Normally I will be back home by that time. So I told her that I am waiting for my mom to bathe then take her dinner. After that I need her to babysit my boy for a while so that I can go to the bank. She told my mom, to tack along. This is what my mom replied, “Buat apa, nanti orang ingat, gua ni orang gaji dia.” (for what, later others think that I’m her maid.)

I am hurt by that statement. So, that is what she felt when she comes along with me with my children when we go out. Rather that taking it as a mother helping her daughter out with her 3 children, she thinks that I am treating her as a maid. She was ok and willing to follow me out before my 2nd sis came back from Kuching. What hubby said might be true. It could be that my 2nd sis blow fire (api api) to her. She must be putting all this idea in her head. I wonder why she did all this. I have nothing against her. Well, she has only one child. Let’s wait and see whether she will need my mom’s help when she has more.

Anyway, now I know what my mom felt. I will not ask her out anymore. I am so tempted to ask her, “Do you feel that I am treating you like a maid now by babysitting all my children? If yes, I will find other babysitter” Maybe I will ask my dad on how she feels about taking care of my children.

I make a vow to myself that if I am still strong and able, I will help to take care of my grandchildren and let my children have an easy life.

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shooi said...

Don't b angry. My MIL has made such statements to my SIL b4 too, but she did not have harbour any ill feelings. My MIL love my SIL's daughter to bits but will still complain time to time. Old people likes to grumble sometimes and it may not mean anything.