Saturday, January 27, 2007

To increase profit

Business is slow and profit is very minimal now. Am talking about the company I am currently working at. So, far the only way to reduce cost is by keeping very low inventory. But we need to find ways to improve profitability, supply chain efficiencies, cost allocation and cost reduction. One of the ways is by using IT value management which is provided by Acorn Systems.

The Profit Improvement Company Acorn Systems enables companies to achieve their performance management objectives, by providing the foundation for sound decision making. They can give accurate, dynamic cost/profit analytics and metrics that are easy to maintain and highly scalable to support the largest enterprises.

Their solutions enable companies to confidently measure, optimize and predict costs, net operating profits, EVA, capacity and resources at any level of granularity such as by customer, supplier, product, facility, transaction and more.

My company should try this.

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