Monday, January 29, 2007

Kena Taler

He ah, like cat, can smell that I cooked Sambal Prawn. Normally, he does not come back to this house on Saturday. And yes, he did not go for the wedding luncheon due to work.

This time we are left with 13 prawns only, for hubs and me! Hubs pity me, so he took 4 and left me with 9.

He ah, when he eats, he tak ingatkan orang belakang. Eat as much as he wants! I very geram you know. Besides that, after he drank a mug of rose syrup, he just left the mug on the shelf, not washed. Habis semut hurung. Oi! Your mom or the maid is not here to wash for you ok!!!

Next time ah, I shall buy 1 kg of prawns to cook. Coz he sure can smell one and I’ll see how many he will leave behind for us then.

1 comment:

Jesslyn said...

I think ah must be your dish very very nice la, baru can attract him mah! LOL