Monday, January 08, 2007

She left

I just gave a relief sigh when MIL and the maid came home last week. And today, it is just us. Me, hubby and my 3 children. The maid left on Sunday for Dumai and will only be back in 2 weeks time, earliest.

I woke up early on Sunday morning to cook fried beehoon for breakfast. Get her to pack some, bought for her bread and some biscuits for her to eat in the ferry. I do not want her to go hungry in the ferry, like what happened to one of my factory worker that came thru Dumai. She arrived at the port, pale. Hungry and thirsty.

Am praying hard that she will be back in 2 weeks time. Not more than that.

I like to see my son sleeping in her arm. She will sing Christian song to him while rocking him to sleep. So comfortable in her arm. I envy her far my son have not sleep in my arm like the way he does with the maid. Partly coz I don't carry him around and rock him to sleep in my arm. Just shove him my nen-nen and he will suck till he fall asleep. hehehe.


Michelle said...

Why left for Dumai? Where is the place?

mIcHe said...

sumatera, indonesia...she's back with the agent. dumai is nearest to malacca.

Michelle said...

You mean she's not working for you anymore? Why?

mIcHe said...

she is there while waiting for the calling visa to approve, without calling visa, she can't work in malaysia. earlier she came in with tourist visa only! dunno why the agent did that way. now, trouble everybody!