Tuesday, January 09, 2007


We are very very tight right now. And praying hard everyday that God will bring more business to the internet cafe and students will rent my apartment. That is where the bulk of my income goes to. I decided to sell the apartment. I want financial freedom. But hubs told me to wait as now is the semester break. Wait for another month.

On Sunday, 4 first year MMU student came to see my apartment. The boys agreed with the price we offered but must add a washing machine. That is not a problem. We will add a water heater if they take it. However, the girls are more fussy. The apartment is facing the evening sun. Hot, they said. That is what the air-conds are for. They said they will call to confirm either yesterday or today but till now, no news from them. *sigh*

Last night a teacher cum our customer came to the shop to discuss business. He got a goverment tender to provide computer course to teachers all over Malaysia. And he wants my husband to teach. Hubby agreed. Wow! If this really jadi, huge income man!!! Praise The Lord.

Boss told me to be careful when dealing with government's tender. Might not get the money as promised. Told me to get a bank guarantee. Get payment from the bank instead of the government. Not so sure how to go about this but told hubs to get the details/advice from a banker friend. And get everything in black and white plus stamping.

Hope everything goes well, and we can use the income to pay up the business loan.

Now, crossing my fingers that students will call with good news for us.


Jesslyn said...

ever think of to teach in any tuition class for the computer course? believe they need helper too!

Anonymous said...

who? me?
who jaga my kids?
if hubby teach, then he got no time to sleep! hehe