Friday, January 05, 2007


A blogger mommy, Msau recommended to me another website that I earn cash and generate extra income from my blog. Since I really need the extra cash, I signed up.

My task is to mention and talk about the advertiser's websites products and services here. For that blogsvertise will pay me thru paypal for every blog entry. Isn't that simple?

Why not register with them?

Oh ya, I don't think I will be paid for this post. This is one of the requirement for them to approve my blog. It will be nice if they pay me for advertising their website. hehe.


IMMomsDaughter said...

Hi Miche, Sorry to hear that you are financially tight. I'd recommend to you for paid posting also. It works like PPP. Try it and see if that helps a little. Btw, I've blogrolled you. Appreciate if you could link back to:


mIcHe said...


btw, i did link ur other blog at :D

i tried loudlaunch but cannot sign up lar...the link doesnt work.