Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sambal Prawn

I went to Giant last night and bought 400g of prawns. Woke up at 6am this morning to cook. I hope and pray that I won’t be left with 5 ekor udang only today! Hehehe.

I think my sambal udang selamat hari ini. Coz, the BIL will be going for a wedding luncheon. But there’s possibility that he will drop by the house, to alas his perut before going. Oh shucks!

You know lar, wedding luncheon, say only start at 1pm sharp. But normally, without fail the food will only be served after 2pm!

So, today, I took picture of my sambal prawn as a remembrance that I cook sambal prawn again today. Tak dapat makan banyak, tengok gambeh pun jadi lar. Hehehe.

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