Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gimme undivided attention

The pastor of the church that I am currently attending invited my family for lunch after service last Sunday. Her intention is good, wanting to get to know us better and also for other members to get to know us. She invited a few more others for the lunch.

To me personally, the group is too big. And I don’t and I can’t blend in well with big ground. You want to know me, you give me all your attention, and I get all your undivided attention. Then I will open up and share. If not, I will just be quiet, eat my lunch quickly, smile, and answer whatever questions asked.

If you ask me now, who are the couple that sat beside me, or who is the lady that sat beside my hubs, my answers is, “I have no idea!”

That is why I don’t really like to participate in group chat on MSN. Too many people talking at one time. Pening, pening.

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