Thursday, January 04, 2007

I wonder why

I wonder why some parents would send their children to Sunday School but they themselves would not attend church.

When asked...
  • We want the best for them
  • We want them to learn good characters
  • We want them to have a belief. To believe in God
I wonder...
  • Don't the parents want the best for themselves?
  • Don't the parents want to know what are the good characters & practise them?
  • Don't the parents want to believe in God?
Children learn from example. We, the parent are their role model. How do you expect them to adopt the character that they learnt or believe in God, if we, the parent don't do the same? I am sure one day, these Sunday School goers will asked their parents, "Why Mommy & Daddy never go church?" How are you going to answer them then???

"You want your children to know God, don't you want your MIL to know God too? The best for your children but not for your MIL." I wish I have the gut to verbalize the above to SIL.

SIL sends her children to Sunday School every week. They even joined the children's camp. So I thought she is open to Christianity. I said, "Since we have a Christian maid, it will be a good opportunity to encourage MIL to go to church too, since the maid has to be with MIL 24/7." SIL said, "Don't force MIL to go to church just because the maid wants to go!" "Maid can only go if MIL wants to go." I said to myself, "Did I say anything about forcing???"

On Tuesday, MIL told me that the maid can only follow us to church once a month. This is definitely not her speaking. I am pretty sure SIL told her that. MIL saw the hands of God in her healing, and yet she has yet to believe.

Hey, you want your children to go to heaven. Don't you want your MIL to go to heaven too???

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