Sunday, December 31, 2006


I am happy to leave 2006 behind me and looking forward to 2007. This is the first time in my life that I actually look forward to the coming new year. Before this, every new year is just another year for me. A year older and a year wiser. I hope. :)

Overall, year 2006 is a year full of "sufferings". Physically, emotionally & financially. A year filled with unpredictable events and changes.

My only joy is the arrival of Barnabas. The much awaited son. But I was disappointed coz hubs was not allowed to witness his son's arrival into this world like my 2 girls. Changed of hospital policy again. It sucks. I was so happy and sad at the time of delivery. My tears was mixed with joy and sorrow too.

Oh well, people say that when someone survived the "sufferings" they will be a stronger person. I wonder whether that is true. Let's see...


Michelle said...

Gal, be strong, don't quit, no matter how gray the color is. We can only convince ourselves to be optimistic and open to carry on with the life happier. May god blesses u and your family. Have a fab new year!

mIcHe said...

thanks for your encouragement michelle...i really needed it. :D