Friday, January 05, 2007


Who else if not yours truly. hehehehe

The maid that we have at home now is actually for MIL and the house. Meaning she takes care of MIL and the house.

Since I requested her to help me out with my children, I give her some allowance apart from her salary that comes from the BILs. The allowance comes in the form of cash and kind. Sort of.

I bought a blouse for her. Something appropriate when she follows us to church. I wonder when will that be. *sigh*

I gave her RM100 value of phone calls for her to call home. That is for a year, not a month okay. Anything more than that, will have to deduct her salary. That SIL told me that every single call that she make must deduct her salary. Me not so calculative. She is here to earn a living and she has a family and children that she misses everyday. I made her call home on New Year day! She has not call home since she arrived in Malaysia.

I gave her a planner. Got it free from my company's supplier. A pen, some envelope and writing paper for her to write home.

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